Train tickets to Hanoi from Sapa - comfortable berths like your bed at home

While traveling Sapa same group of friends, we decided to train and purchase round-trip berth’s tickets in the website: On the train, the quality of berth is comfortable and smooth like your bed at home!

I and my friends have ordered berth train tickets visiting Sapa to be possible to rest throughout the journey.

1. Order cheap berth tickets

I've ever travelled to Sapa once, but I still wanted to come back there again. I love the fresh air in Sapa, because it is cool and chilly. Furthermore, Sapa has a lot of barbecue I like to eat. In addition, there are delicious fruits such as peaches, plums, apricots ...

When my best friends enticed me to travel, I suggested them to visit Sapa and they immediately support it. I used to be scared of carsick ago when I went there by coach. At this time, we both have chosen to buy train berth tickets to Sapa at Hanoi railway station.

My group has 4 people, that quantity is enough a cabin. We hunted cheap tickets (they are only 520 thousand dong / ticket). In that cabin, there are soft berths, blankets, pillows and an air conditioner. We were really excited as we did not know what our cabin looks like.

We hunted cheap berth’s tickets here!

We hunted cheap berth’s tickets here!

2. Experience the bedroom’s quality

Whoa! We shouted happily when we start going to our cabin. Cabin with wood-paneled inside is luxurious, and blankets and pillows are tidy and smooth. Each cabin has 4 berths including 2 downstair berths and 2 upstair berths, an air conditioner, windows, window drapes, a table and a vase.They looked so beautiful.

It was a right choice when we decide to buy round -trip train tickets in this journey! We had a good sleep on smooth cushions and chatted together without worrying about affecting the others. Besides, we also bring laptops to watch movies on the train.

Thanks to an air conditioner, I had a good sleep and did not feel tired or travel-sick. My friends always complimented the convenience and comfort of cabin . They felt so happy when they are possible to come back this train so as to return to Ha Noi.

Cabin is great!

Cabin is great!

The days we stayed in Sapa was really interesting! My friends were impressed by Sapa’s views as my feeling when I came there for the first time.

Hehe, my friends promise they will return to Sapa again. The main reason is that Sapa is beautiful and has many delicious dishes. Another reason is that we like that train berth, as it made us feel very comfortable and strange.

When returning to Hanoi with train tickets to Hanoi from Sapa, we were exhausted. Sleeping in the great cabin helped us to regain strength quickly. After that, I soberly woke up and came back home safely.

Access to order cheap train tickets with good quality

Access to order cheap train tickets with good quality

If you want to experience the journey smoothly and comfortably like us. You should visit the website “” to hunt cheap tickets with good quality. Or call 0906.80.90.95 - 0989.66.12.64 for advice and booking online!

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Instead of looking for the dozens of websites that sells train tickets making you hesitant, you have better choose because if you buy once, you will be taken care of forever!

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Now you knew how much tickets travel to Sapa, right?

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