“Gold”experience ” when buying train tickets to Sapa

If you are not carefull, you will purchase expensive tickets or tickets with low quality. Vetausapagiare.com.vn will give you valuable experiences when buying train tickets to Sapa .

Train is the safest mean of transport. Traveling by train is more convenient and comfortable. There are valuable experiences for you when buying train tickets to Sapa.

1. Buying train tickets experience

- Buy tickets as soon as possible:

As you know, Sapa is a popular tourist destination, attracting a large number of tourists, so train tickets to Sapa are quickly sold out. You should make a perfect plan and purchase tickets before 1 month., which helps you not miss the trip, actively choose the train and ideal seat.

- Purchase tickets online:

You do not want to scramble for booking tickets at ticket office, don’t you? Morever it is waste of time to wait for hours at train station.  Booking ticket online is more simple and convenient.

- Select train tickets with the best seat:

The first and the last carriage vibrate so much, so you should choose the middle carriages which are more comfortable. Because the way to Sa Pa is so long, soft berth is the ideal choice for you.

Remembering useful experiences when purchasing the train tickets!

Remembering useful experiences when purchasing the train tickets!

2. Website which sells cheap train tickets to Sapa

You are confusing because there are many websites that sell train ticket. Please accessing vetausapagiare.com.vn to take the information from AZ. We provide all types of train with multiple price for you to choose.

The ordinary trains such as King Express, Pumpkin, VNTrain only cost 520.000VND/ticket. These trains have enough pillows, blankets, mattresses. Service is quite good.

Vip train with luxurious berth cabin, facilities for 2 people only cost 2.500.000VND/ticket.  Every cabin has air conditioner , wood-paneled wall, facilities with high quality. You can experience  something new that you have never had before.

Vetausapagiare.com.vn provides high quality tickets

Vetausapagiare.com.vn provides high quality tickets

Calling: (+84) (0)906.80.90.95 - 0989.66.12.64 (24/7) to know more detail. Bring to you the most amazing journey to Sapa is our happiness!

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Instead of consulting other amateur websites, you just need to choose vetausapagiare.com.vn because you will be taken care of forever after the first booking!


Now you know how much train tickets to Sapa, don’t you?

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