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  • New ticket price for Sapa Train

    15-02-2016 // 1,215 view(s)

    Sapa Train will take you to the 2th wonderland in Vietnam. A number of travellers considered that Sapa brought to them the best memories about the gifted beauty of nature and people here.

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  • Travel Sapa winter

    12-02-2016 // 1,229 view(s)

    Adventure Tours in winter has become the choice of the majority of visitors are now because they simply want to see a change in the earth's magic this time around. And nothing better than when visitors are watching the snow white one corner Sapa sun, breathe the bitter cold of the snow, which was playing with friends inside the field of snow ...

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  • Jointly explore Cat Cat Sapa

    29-01-2016 // 1,198 view(s)

    Cat Cat Village in Sapa is known as one of the tourist destination not to be missed while in the northwestern mountains fascinated by the attraction which the natural landscape, the villages here.

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  • Spring Adventure Tours

    22-01-2016 // 1,178 view(s)

    If you're a fan of the flowers blooming in spring, the more not to be missed Sapa tour at this time because this place is very much convergence stunningly sharp flower of Vietnam.

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  • Travel Experiences Cheap Sapa

    22-01-2016 // 1,114 view(s)

    Sapa is an invisible magnet attracted to all domestic and foreign tourists come to this place to explore and enjoy all the pristine beauty that this land is endowed. But how to get Sapa tour with cheap rates is what makes the young visitors fret.

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  • 22/1 night, Sapa welcomed the most intense cold spell in recent years

    22-01-2016 // 1,169 view(s)

    "Phase cold this time in Sapa and some high mountain areas relatively intense, temperatures falling from -1 ° C to -3 ° C, the ice appears, more cold cold spell of the year from 2014 to 2015, Director Director of the Center for Hydrometeorology Lao Cai province said.

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  • These sites can not be ignored when Sa Pa tourism

    19-01-2016 // 1,054 view(s)

    Standing on top of Ham Rong Mountain Ham Rong mountain, you get a panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in smog. Up Ham Rong, visitors touch the garden, cloudy preferred closed body, colorful flowers ground.

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