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  • Experience of quickly booking train tickets from Hanoi to Lao Cai

    13-08-2016 // 974 view(s)

    Scenery of golden rice fields of Sapa nursery tháng September 8 nao always pleased so many tourists around. If you want to be immersed with the majestic natural fragrant fields of grain, now refer toexperience the bookingHanoi to Lao Cai train quickly and cheaply below

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  • Reputable Sapa train ticket agent

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    Sapa is a land hides many wonders of the natural scene, man. You're unique experience to life where ethnic minorities? We would like to give you the address sapa shipsticketing standardgenuine.

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  • 5 The village that visitors enthralled when traveling Sapa

    23-03-2016 // 1,324 view(s)

    You should go to Sapa on the season of the year, you will eat and rest where, or what if you need to travel Sapa, look at the following article for me ...

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  • how much for train ticket to Sapa?

    15-02-2016 // 1,568 view(s)

    Traveling to Sapa by rail is romantic and something that many travelers consider for their first adventure to Vietnam. And how much for train ticket to Sapa is an important question? Read on for some handy tips learned from personal experience. Your Sapa rail adventure awaits!

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  • Sapa train ticket on April 30th to see blooming blossom

    15-02-2016 // 1,223 view(s)

    It’s absolutely right choice when you booking Sapa train ticket on April 30th in The rain season in Sapa begins in May and it ends in August, hundreds of blooming blossom and s of rain make you feel like you’re in the heaven.

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  • Seeing Golden ripe rice field with Sapa Train ticket on September 2nd

    15-02-2016 // 1,411 view(s)

    From September to December, the annual rice harvest begins in Sapa. Association with unique cultural values of minority people, beautiful landscapes of nature, terraced rice fields contribute for impressive of Sapa mountainous area. Let’s look down some following info about Sapa Train ticket to get to this beautiful land as soon as possible

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  • Is Victoria train ticket to Sapa expensive?

    15-02-2016 // 1,260 view(s)

    Traveling is all about the journey, not the destianation. In the trip to Sapa by train, you will have great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lanscape along the roads. Compares to airplane price, Victoria train ticket to Sapa is much cheaper

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  • How much is a train ticket from Ha Noi to Sapa

    15-02-2016 // 1,454 view(s)

    Sapa town is somehow like a European city

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  • How is Sapa train ticlet on Tet Holiday 2016?

    15-02-2016 // 1,145 view(s)

    Unlike cars or planes, trains is one of the safest transportation because of its own seperate rail. You dont have to worried about the risk of accident while travelling.

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  • Waring the risk of buying low fare Sapa train ticket

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    To avoid the risk of buying low fare Sapa train ticket, please call 0906.80.90.95 - 0989.66.12.64 (Mr.Trường) for more needed informaton and the regulations that helps your trip be perfected

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  • Which Sapa train ticket should we buy at Ha noi Station

    15-02-2016 // 1,440 view(s)

    The distance from Ha Noi to Sapa is about 400 km. This is not a long way, you can choose Sapa train ticket with hard/soft air condtioning seats for saving money

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  • Advise for buying low fare Sapa train tickets

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    As you know “ A good dog deserves a good bone”.You will get what you pay for. There are many choices for you, hard seat with no air conditioners, hard seats with air conditioners, soft seats with air conditioers and soft bed with air-conditoners.

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  • How to booking Sapa ticket?

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    The beautiful clouds cover Sapa town all seasons is the ideal of many internanational award-winning pictures. Booking Sapa ticket today to see the rice terraces set amid the swirling clouds around the Vietnamese hill station of Sapa. On the left, Hồ town is just like the reflection of the red sunset.

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  • Food worriment while buying train ticket to Sapa

    15-02-2016 // 1,055 view(s)

    Currently, buying train ticket to Sapa is not included meals as before. It is still fine with short way traveling, however, it become a problem when you have to move in a long trip

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  • Which Sapa sleepers car should we choose?

    15-02-2016 // 1,260 view(s)

    Sapa is just like a beautiful young lady who sleeps deeply in the early morning, closes her eyers under the gorgious sunshine. The town of Sapa lies at an altitude of about 2000 m, it takes about 10 minutes to get there from the center, bringing to you a perpect view point while you’re in Sapa sleeper cars, enjoying the fresh air of majestic Northern mountains

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  • March Sapa train ticket fares

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    Along the roads to Sapa, you will be surprised with spectacular views of the terraced fields which loacated halfway up the mountain side. View sapa train fare right away this morning to visit many ancient Western architecture villas

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  • Train ticket to Sapa for children and adults

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    Buying ticket to Sapa, discover the beautiful landscapes which hide such many magical things, it is also where you find the beauty of nature in valleys, mountains, streams, waterfalls and the warmly welcome of the ethnic people.

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